Social Changes and Opportunities

  • Geneviève Reday-Mulvey


Over the last two or three decades, economic and social development has been marked by a number of important changes. These changes have transformed significantly the way we learn, work, combine work with family life, retire, age and organize our various commitments throughout the life-cycle. Thus they have transformed our lives and the way we think, even if most people and workers are perhaps largely unaware of them. As a result, our modern society is more dynamic, more flexible, more unstable and requires new solutions to current and future problems. A proper understanding of the changes is essential as we prepare to work longer and retire later and more flexibly. We shall see that they often constitute opportunities for extension of work-life. This chapter will describe and analyse five distinct areas: the new life-cycle, training and education through life, a new definition of old age, active ageing and the need for a transition between work and retirement.


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