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Science and religion have long been sparring partners (Yob, 1992). We have already seen that this is the case with respect to both Scientology and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. In Christian movements, evolution and Creationism in particular often come head to head. This is not only an argument for theologians and members of congregations. The debate has also presented itself in the political and educational sphere in the question of curriculum design, and ultimately, freedom of religion within institutional education. The debate is ongoing because of the incommensurability of many of the conventions of science and religion. The standards by which scientific truth and acceptability appear to be judged are not those of religious matters. This simply means that their rhetorical structures differ. In this chapter I will be examining a Family text, ‘The Big Lie’, which puts a case for Creationism by dismissing evolution and trying to negotiate these ‘convention-al’ impasses. Because of the way in which Berg attributes the doctrine of evolution to Satan and Creationism to God, he need not worry that Christians will disagree with his arguments.


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