Uploading, Downloading or Crossloading? Conceptualizing Europeanization and European Integration

  • Kerry E. Howell


This chapter builds on the previous two chapters in developing an understanding of European integration theory and how this may be applied to European integration processes. Chapter 3 develops a conceptualization of Europeanization in terms of meso and substantive theoretical perspectives – and provides an explanation of the ongoing dialectical relationship between European integration processes, European integration theory and Europeanization. To achieve this, the chapter undertakes two interrelated objectives. First, it re-assesses neofunctionalism and intergovernmentalism as grand European integration theories from a non-positivist perspective and through this re-assessment, bring together elements of positivism and constructivism1 in a conceptualization of Europeanization. Second, it examines differences and similarities between European integration theory and Europeanization and through a break down of neo-functionalism identifies Europeanization as a meso theory or middle range theory and elements of this as substantive theory (theory developed in relation to the data).


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