Europeanization Impacts on Member State Financial Services: Case Studies of the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Poland

  • Kerry E. Howell


The EU environment (or political space at the EU level) encompasses European integration theory and procedures; uploading, downloading and crossloading incorporate Europeanization. On the one hand, Europeanization can be seen as the source of change in relation to the EU level in terms of European integration and the development of supranational institutions. On the other hand, European integration can be seen as the source of change and Europeanization the outcome of change on member state governmental, legal and regulatory structures. Fundamentally, we have interactions between Europeanization and European integration in the construction and perpetuation of supranational institutions and development of EU and domestic policies and systems. Europeanization incorporates uploading from the member states, which can be undertaken by government (macro En2), interest groups, sectors or companies (micro En2). At some point Europeanization becomes European integration (this is difficult to pinpoint because of the continual interaction between the two areas) this is where EU institutions develop legislation, which is eventually downloaded (En1) to member states.


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