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What do we know of the language of literary texts and what impact has this knowledge had on the uses of literature in education?


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Further reading


  1. Short (1996) is the best of the ‘toolbox’ approaches to stylistics (lists of what to look for, directions for any analysis) and contains many illustrations and exercises. Weber (1996) is a more critical and socially grounded stylistician, stressing contexts and variation; Verdonk is a sophisticated but very readable short general introduction, up to date and with original examples.Google Scholar


  1. van Peer (1986) is the key name here; see also Short (1996). Wales (2001) offers definitions, examples and further reading.Google Scholar
  2. Stockwell (2002) gives a more theoretically elaborated and contemporary account from cognitive poetics.Google Scholar

Corpus linguistics and stylistics

  1. Biber (1988) and Conrad and Biber (2001) are accessible accounts by central figures Hunston (2002: 129–30) is a good overview from outside.Google Scholar

Stylistics in education

  1. See, for example, Style special issue, Pedagogy of style and stylistics, 37 (1) (2003): 1–104 (which also refers in turn to further resources); also Clark and Zyngier (2003).Google Scholar

Metaphor in ELT (corpus linguistic approach)

  1. Deignan (1997; 1999).Google Scholar
  2. Dong (2004).Google Scholar
  3. Picken (2005) reports an interesting project to improve his Japanese students’ reading of English language literature through teaching of metaphor (and inferencing).Google Scholar

Corpora used for basic stylistic investigations by students

  1. Louw or Jackson in Wichmann et al. (1997).Google Scholar
  2. Partington (1998).Google Scholar


  1. Carrell (1987) is a good survey for ESL; see also Alderson (2000: 71–4).Google Scholar
  2. Schulz (1981) is older but sensible.Google Scholar

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