Evolutionary Finance — an Applied Perspective

  • Bartholomew Frederick Dowling


This is where things get interesting. So far, this book has been laboriously outlining an entirely new theoretical thought paradigm for assessing how the microstructure of information interacts in a biological-like/evolutionary fashion to “build” asset prices. This extensive discussion was a necessary evil for what is about to follow. In this particular chapter we will outline our experience with putting the theoretical principles of Evolutionary Finance (as espoused in Chapters 1–6) into action using our proprietary software platform Natural Selection™. This advanced software package has been purposefully built to demonstrate how an optimal array of risk/return combinations can be constructed for a variety of absolute return mandates using bioinformatics based “structured information” principles. By doing so, like every great conclusion to a good story, we assiduously seek to weave the various strands we have presented in our theoretical foundations thus far into the algorithmic foundations of our Natural Selection™ model. For example, Natural Selection™ is founded on:
  • how humans intrinsically categorize and encode interdependent information;

  • how preconceived strategies are the most obvious embodiment of such behavior in the financial realm; and

  • how it is possible to move “upstream” in this “winning strategy” theme diffusion process by forming an understanding of the early stage signaling of byte to meme, meme to theme, theme to overall market sentiment formation.


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