James Henry Leigh Hunt (1784–1859)

  • Harold Orel
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Leigh Hunt’s contributions to the development of the Romantic Movement were more significant than Wordsworth allowed in a number of patronizing comments. Placed within a context, Wordsworth’s remarks may have been, more than anything else, repayments for Hunt’s endorsement of his own work. Wordsworth repeated more than once his assessment: Hunt possessed ‘Talents’ rather than an ability to produce creative work of lasting importance. When he sent Hunt a copy of his Poems, he mentioned his ‘pleasure’ at hearing from Lord Brougham that his writings were ‘valued by Mr Hunt’. The letter, dated 12 February 1815, did not accompany the volumes, which were sent on 26 April. Hunt took even longer to acknowledge the gift, delaying his response for three months. He neither wrote nor solicited the writing of a review that might have appeared in the Examiner. (Wordsworth wanted one.)


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