With Aforethought? Institutions, Symbols, and the Quest for a New Identity in Europe

  • Michael Bruter


After reviewing the importance of institutional input in the fostering of new mass political identities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Austria, and Israel, and before looking at the impact of European institutions and the mass media on the emergence of a new European identity, it seems important to try to characterise — and provide evidence for — what I claim to be the specific attempts of European institutions to foster a new identity. To some extent, the questions of the emergence of symbols of European integration, of what constitutes perceptions of good and bad news on European integration, and of when states start to be part of a global integration process are topics of real substantive importance. They are also as many integral parts of the short but dense history of European integration. In this chapter, I propose to first identify when and how European institutions became concerned with the fostering of a mass identity, and to then propose a history and typology of the symbols used to characterise the European Union from the top.


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