Screen Subjects and Cyber-Subjects: The Case of Futurama

  • Steve Bailey


Unlike the previous case studies, which began with a brief vignette describing a characteristic event to introduce the focus of the subsequent analysis, I instead begin this final case study with a description of an ongoing ritual rather than a singular occasion. Each week, particularly during the television season when new episodes of a program were shown, fans of the Fox television series Futurama could participate in a vigorous, wide-ranging discussion of the latest episode — and the show in general — taking place on the Internet. The venues for this discussion included chat rooms (e.g., the chat area of the Can’t Get Enough Futurama site), newsgroups (e.g.,, web-based fan clubs (e.g., the Yahoo! Futurama clubs) and the message boards and fan forums provided by various Futurama-based websites (e.g., The Futurama Chronicles). Within these forums, audience members offered evaluations, critical exegesis, historical analysis and a broad spectrum of other genres of discourse; the diversity of this discussion was quite impressive, and the overall volume grew rapidly in the time that Futurama was on the air.


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