The Czech Republic: Staff Participation and Modernization of Central State Administration

  • Zuzana Dvorakova


Public administration reform in the Czech Republic encompasses a wide range of programmes including reform of territorial government, modernization of the civil service and improvements in quality and efficiency of the whole public administration system.’ The events of 1989 and collapse of the former communist regime are seen as a milestone in Czech history. They started a long-term process of democratization that necessitated the transformation of the public administration system from one functioning within a totalitarian regime to one based on democratic principles and regulated by law. The first step in this transformation was abolition of the ‘national committees’ at all levels and their replacement by self-governing municipalities (the lowest autonomous units), district administrative offices (local governments) and the centralization of some powers in 1990 (OECD 2001). This rapid period of change resulted in over-centralization, because decentralized offices of central state authorities established in the territories suffered from lack of horizontal coordination.


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