The Balkans Viewed from Brussels: the Local Development in SEE

  • Sandro Gozi
Part of the Studies in Economic Transition book series (SET)


To view the Balkans from Brussels is not easy. In order to fully understand Balkan affairs, it is necessary to rid oneself of several preconceptions and make a particular effort, first of all cultural. An effort that should begin by getting rid of ‘geo-cultural’ analyses based on the model developed by Samuel Huntington, who explained the events of Bosnia and the former Yugoslavia through the paradigm of the ‘clash of civilizations’: Muslims against Christians, Catholics against Orthodox, along a ‘frontier of civilization’ that would separate the ‘two Europes’, the catholic and the protestant Europe from the orthodox one, passing through the Ukraine, divided by Catholics and Orthodox, and Bosnia (Huntigton 1996).2 And to get over the attitude summarized by Winston Churchill’s quote, ‘the Balkans are a region that produces more history than it can consume’.


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