CCTV and the ‘High-Tech Fix’: Some Unanswered Questions

  • Adrian Beck
  • Andrew Willis


While there is a lack of reliable information to confirm the effectiveness of CCTV there is an over-abundance of data to show that the shopping public and others are strongly supportive of it. In the current study over nine in ten shoppers thought that CCTV was very acceptable or acceptable and over four in five managers thought it to be effective. These findings confirm the results of earlier studies. The general public is strongly in favour of the use of CCTV in shops to counter the threat of terrorism — at the 80 per cent level (Beck and Willis, 1993a, 1993b and 1994a); and there is as much or more support for CCTV as a general crime control measure in the retail sector (Beck and Willis, 1992, 1994b and 1995; Honess and Charman, 1992). Closed circuit television is decidedly not resented as an unwarranted, ‘big brother’ infringement of civil liberties.


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