Entrée to Moscow

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This chapter will deal with the implications of Israel’s achieving oil-supply agreements with the Soviet Union, from late 1953 to late 1954, in terms of the state’s progress toward increasing its independence in this area on the one hand and the resultant aggravation of its relations with the British oil companies on the other. This situation emerged from events described earlier and from others that will be discussed below.


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  1. 12.
    ISA 5297/307067C. The foUowing is based on ISA 2941/7014/2; ISA 2420/3; FO 371/111125; ISA 45/4; ISA 547/12; ISA 2946/66/A; and ISA 758/9. For Israeli legislation concerning oil affairs, see M. Schlossberg and I. Kuenstler, ‘The Israel Petroleum Law and Petroleum Regulations’, Economics News, 7–8, 1953, pp. 49–52.Google Scholar

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