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  • James Mussell
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The digitization of our cultural heritage radically transforms our encounters with the past. This book focuses on one area where digitization has played a particularly important role: the nineteenth-century press. The out-of-copyright status of most work published in the nineteenth century has ensured that it has a digital life. Many thousands of volumes of nineteenth-century print have become the foundation of large open resources such as Google Books <> and the Internet Archive <>, as well as more focused collections offered by commercial publishers. Never before has the work of the nineteenth century been so accessible and in a form that so closely resembles the printed page. Whereas previously it would take a trip to a specialist library to see the pages of a nineteenth-century volume, now they can be found as a result of the most cursory search of the web. Newspapers and periodicals, previously neglected due to their complicated bibliographic condition, have been returned to their central place in this corpus of print. This book argues that the digitization of the press provides an opportunity to reimagine what we know about the nineteenth century. However, to do this scholars must be able to engage critically with both the newspapers and periodicals they read and the digital resources in which they are found.


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