The Individual As Engaged Arts Scholar

  • Lisa Mooney Smith


The next two chapters will focus specifically upon individual scholars, the institution in which they reside and the means by which these two entities are inextricably connected in the common pursuit of knowledge transfer. I will argue that until the nature and style of individual research practices within the institution are scrutinised, the demands of knowledge transfer will continue to be in direct conflict with both scholarship and research management. The main arguments suggest that particular social science theories may help us uncover the emergent nature of KT as a sub-culture, attempting to influence academic traditions and institutional practices. I will outline how the co-production of knowledge is highly dependent upon the environment and culture in which it operates, and as such requires the individual players and their institution to clarify their relationship. It is also imperative that we understand that KT is not in fact a new phenomenon but an extension of existing practices upon which new demands are being made that are ill equipped to function in the modern university.


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