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Estonia is a small country with an area of 45,227 km2 and a population of 1.34 million. Only three member states of the EU—Cyprus, Malta and Luxembourg-are smaller. In 2009, the Estonian public sector engaged 26.6 per cent of its employed workforce.1 About half of its public-sector employees (51 per cent, 72,410 people) were working in its state institutions and the rest in 227 local governments (Rahandusministeerium 2010). The workforce of 11 Estonian ministries consisted of 2,448 employees (civil servants and support staff together). With the exception of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which constitutes one large unitary structure with its foreign representations, there were two hundred or fewer people working in most of the individual ministries. Executive-government institutions covered by the civil service employed just under 20,000 people.2 These figures indicate that the small size of Estonia is also reflected in the size of its state structure.


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