Sustainability as Global Norm: The Greening of Mega-Events in China

  • Arthur P. J. Mol
  • Lei Zhang
Part of the Global Culture and Sport book series (GCS)


In our (post-)modern times of high fluidity, with rapid turnover of fashionable ideas, where ‘everything that is solid melts into thin air’, it is remarkable that such an old-fashioned concept as sustainability — launched over 20 years ago — is still so solidly present in debates and practices. This chapter investigates whether sustainability has become a global concept, idea or norm that increasingly redirects institutions, practices, structures, norms and ideologies globally. If that is the case, sustainability becomes a shared notion that can no longer be ignored, not even by the powers-that-be, which now have to pay more than lip-service to sustainability in order to legitimize thir behaviour.


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  • Arthur P. J. Mol
  • Lei Zhang

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