Studying the Bancassurance Phenomenon: A Two-Sided Analysis on the Relevant Case of Italy

  • Franco Fiordelisi
  • Ornella Ricci
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Most studies dealing with bancassurance provide readers with descriptive analysis by discussing economic rationales, advantages and drawbacks for all the institutions involved. In contrast, there are few studies providing an empirical assessment of the bancassurance business. More specifically, as outlined at the end of the previous chapter, there are no empirical analyses measuring bancassurance cost and profit efficiency gains from both the banking and the insurance perspectives. This chapter aims to fill this gap by answering the following three research questions: (1) Are banks engaged in the insurance business more cost and profit efficient than competitors who have specialised in traditional and investment banking? (2) Are bancassurance companies more cost and profit efficient than independent companies operating in the life business? (3) Which model of bancassurance performs best?


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  • Ornella Ricci

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