Transnational Fandom: Supporters in Scandinavia, East Asia and the United States of America

  • Peter Millward
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Bridgewater (2010: 143) suggested that locally based fans often contend that they are in some way ‘better’ or ‘more loyal’ than those who are geographically distanced from the club’s home ground. Indeed as detailed above, Dave Boyle, the Chief Executive of the UK government-funded ‘Supporters’ Direct’,1 argued against what he saw to be a widely held assumption that those fans who do not attend football matches are ‘inauthentic’. This chapter does not shed doubt that such fans feel ‘elation upon victory, [or] dejection after defeat’, but it does scratch at the surface of Boyle’s assumption to listen to the stories told by fans around the world about their ways of demonstrating their support for EPL clubs and analyse what the ‘sign’ of football means to them (Lash and Urry 1994). This chapter will therefore look at fan identifications from Scandinavia, East Asia and the U.S.A. with EPL teams to understand why they chose to follow a particular club and how they interpret its signs, as distinct from the ‘traditional’ fans who were discussed in the previous chapter.


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