Governance and Forest Management

  • Timothy Cadman
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Forest governance provides one of the best spaces available to study the emergence of the new modes of governance that have arisen in response to globalisation. It is in the forestry arena that environmental governance, understood as ‘the coordination of interdependent social relations in the mitigation of environmental disruptions’ most clearly reflects the involvement of civil society and private industry, as well as the state, in the development of regulatory regimes. Some of the most extensive and innovative experiments in ‘new’ governance — of which forest management certification is one of the most interesting — are to be found in the sector. The policy responses generated within this arena in reaction to the larger political and economic developments associated with globalisation are also interesting from a theoretical perspective, and yield some interesting insights into the evolution of global governance more broadly. The comment has been made that forest governance consequently provides one of the most useful lenses through which to scrutinise ‘the increasing tendency for collaboration in many sectors where political and economic trade-offs also exist’.


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