Of Humans and Other Animals



We, the animals who like to call ourselves ‘human’, all live multi-species lives whether or not we know it, or we like it. Some other species are necessary for our health and survival – like the fauna of our guts. Others enter our lives through habitual practice, historical circumstance, luck, error, necessity and choice. Human relations with non-human animals differ vastly both cross-culturally and historically, and animals have a different material and symbolic existence in agricultural and (post)industrial spheres of economic production and in predominantly urban or rural spaces. The kinds of animals we closely interact with will differ, depending on where we ?nd ourselves located in time, space and place. Daoud Hari, raised as a Zaghawa tribesman in the Darfur region of Sudan gives an account of the recent genocide and turmoil in which working animals appear as both a normative presence and companions in crisis:


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