The Alignment Dialogue: GAVI and its Engagement with National Governments in Health Systems Strengthening

  • Peter S. Hill
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In December 2005 the Board of the GAVI Alliance (GAVI) marked a substantial broadening of the scope of its funding by opening a new ‘window’ for health systems strengthening (HSS) initiatives (GAVI Alliance, 2005). For a partnership barely five years old, created with a mandate to improve available vaccines and immunisation rates, this was a radical paradigm shift. Subsequent developments – not least the proposal for a partnership between the GAVI Alliance, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (Global Fund), and the World Bank to establish a major funding platform for HSS – suggest that GAVI’s decision to engage the health system as a whole may anticipate significant changes in approaches to health development and global health governance.


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