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For many years I have been thinking, researching and writing about cultural and material life, mainly framed around issues related to technology in the home and meaningful close relationships between individuals, which I describe as being about ‘family’ (of all types). I have an image of this book as a sort of map of the various ‘sites’ I have visited during this intellectual journey, much of it tied up with my personal biography. It has been about going forward but also about turning back, about collecting words and thoughts between me and my academic interlocutors and about my ethnographic engagement with people in different cultural contexts over many years. The book narrates episodes from the lives of individuals and describes the ways in which subjectivities and everyday events are attached to the technological materiality of the contemporary world. My attention in this book is captured by the relations between the phenomena of a technologically cultured world and the singularity of lives and close relationships. Central to this is the question of understanding social change from the perspective of the ordinary, which is often overlooked.


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