The Migration of Coaches in Rugby Union

  • John Harris
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The geographical centre of North America is Rugby, North Dakota. In sporting terms though, in the US, rugby is very much on the periphery of a landscape dominated by what Markovits and Hellerman (2001) refer to as the big three (and a half) sports of baseball, basketball, [American] football (and [ice] hockey). If, as these authors attest, soccer is a potent symbol of American exceptionalism then rugby may also be viewed as a key symbol of difference although it is not so much the position of rugby that is important here but the hegemonic status of another code of football. Indeed the immensely popular sport of (American) football derives from rugby. Rugby in the US remains something of a minority activity and reflects the fact that America’s sports exceptionalism ‘is deeply rooted in other exceptionalisms that constitute essential features of modern American life’ (Markovits and Hellerman, 2001: p. 9).


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