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As outlined in the prologue, roots and routes form a central part in exploring aspects of the relationship between rugby union and globalization. As Hall (1990) has noted, this shows how identity should be seen as belonging as much to the future as it does to the past. This clearly illustrates the quest to move beyond rigid conceptions of identity and also points to how in an increasingly globalized age our identities are more likely to be provisional, contingent and relatively unfixed. In social identities research it is clear that collective identities tend to focus on issues of similarity whereas individual identities focus more on difference. As MacClancy (1996) has noted, sports are embodied practices through which new meanings can be established (see also, Harris and Parker, 2009). Looking at aspects of the local and global in a particular sport presents fertile ground for further examining the connectedness between roots and routes in varied contexts and within the wider discourse of globalization.


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