War and Peace

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Rhodesia declared itself a republic in March 1970. This did not seem to make much difference to the life of Peterhouse, except that in June Sir Humphrey Gibbs was able to make his first appearance at Speech Day after his five year enforced absence. He and Lady Gibbs were given an ovation by those present, and he filled the dual role of being Chairman of the Governors and also guest of honour. The Rector’s speech was upbeat. With the end of the ‘Swinging 60s’, he wondered what epithet would be applied to the 1970s – ‘Square?’, ‘Sober?’, ‘Sane’? His next comment may have surprised the boys: ‘I hope’, he said, ‘there will be no going back in the 70s; “that no winter shall abate the spring’s increase”.’251 The increase in the numbers at the school certainly gave some hope that the 1970s would be a time of going forward for Peterhouse.


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