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The year 1953 opened with a good deal of optimism, in the country and among those involved with Peterhouse. On 6 February the Rhodesia Herald carried a small article headed ‘Building of New School to Begin This Year’. At last it was public knowledge that it was to be situated near Marandellas, ‘on a healthy and attractive spot 5,400 feet above sea level’, on a 1,300 acre site. The school was to cost some £350,000, of which £100,000 had already been promised in donations of unsecured debentures. It was almost a year since Snell in Natal and the Committee in Salisbury had come up with this figure, though of course – as is the way in these matters – by 1957 it was clear that the cost of the buildings and equipment would be nearer £550,000.68 However the fund-raising was going well, and by the time the foundation stone was laid in July 1954, nearly £250,000 had been promised or received.


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