Look Twice: Narrative Uses of Twins

  • Juliana de Nooy


Twin tales are told and retold with astonishing frequency in contemporary culture. Newspapers give front-page prominence to accounts of the birth or surgical separation of conjoined babies, to twins dying of simultaneous heart attacks or bicycle accidents, to twins in crime and twins in sport. The reunion of twins separated at birth and the coincidences that mark their lives are the subject of feature articles and television documentaries. Scientific journals tell stories of twins raised apart and twins raised together. And these are only the tales that claim factual status. Narratives of twins also abound in all manner of imaginative creations. They populate short and feature films in the genres of comedy, drama, thriller, horror, sci-fi, porn, film noir, children’s films, action and auteur cinema, and appear regularly in fiction ranging from police procedural novels to picaresque historical volumes, from the Bildungsroman to lesbian satire, from Booker Prize winners to supermarket romance novels.


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