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India, as defined by Parliament (26 Geo. V, c. 2), comprises all that part of the great Indian peninsula which is directly or indirectly under British rule or protection. The term British India includes only the districts subject to British law, and does not include Indian states. The term is so used, unless otherwise stated, in the tables, etc., that follow.


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Books of Reference

Books of Reference concerning India: Special works relating to Provinces and States are shown under their separate headings: 1. Official Publications

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2. Non-Official Publications

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British Provinces: Books of Reference on Burma

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Ceylon: Books of Reference concerning Ceylon

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Aden, Perim, Soqotra and Kuria Muria Islands: Books of Reference

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Borneo (British): Books of Reference

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Cyprus: Books of Reference concerning Cyprus

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Hong Kong: Books of Reference on Hong Kong: 1. Official Publications

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2. Non-Official Publications

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Malayan Union and Singapore: Books of Reference on the Federation of Malaya

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Books of Reference

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