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Nicholas II., Emperor of All the Russias, born May 6 (May 18 new style), 1868, the eldest son of the Emperor Alexander III. and of Princess Marie Dagmar, daughter of King Christian IX. of Denmark; ascended the throne at the death of his father October 20 (November 1 new style), 1894 ; married November 14 ( ovember 26), 1894, to Princess Alexandra Alix, daughter of Ludwig IV., Grand Duke of Hesse, born May 25 (June 6), 1872. Offspring of this union two daughters : Olga, born November 3 (November 15), 1895, and Tatiana, born May 22 (June 11), 1897.


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Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Russia

1. Official Publications

  1. Russian. Google Scholar
  2. Annual (Pamyatnaya Knijka) ofthe Ministry of the Navy for 1894. St. Petersburg.Google Scholar
  3. Annuals (Vremennik) of the Central Statistical Committee. St. Petersburg, 1878–96.Google Scholar
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  5. Collection of Medical, Sanitary, and Veterinary Laws, published by the Medical Department of the Ministry of Interior. St. Petersburg, 1896. 3 vols.Google Scholar
  6. Consular Reports, Vol. v. St. Petersburg, 1898.Google Scholar
  7. The Year 1897 with Relation to Agriculture. Also the preceding years. Published by the Department of Agriculture. St. Petersburg, 1898.Google Scholar
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  9. Movement of Population in European Russia in 1891 ; Prices on Laud in 1882–87 ; The Zemstvos in 1886; Crops of 1889 compared to those of 1883–87; Yearly Crops, &c.Google Scholar
  10. Report of the Procurator of the Holy Synod for 1892–93. St. Petersburg, 1896.Google Scholar
  11. Statistics of the Landed Property and Inhabited Places of the Russian Empire, with maps, &c. Published by the Statistical Department. St. Petersburg, 1861–86.Google Scholar
  12. The Expenses of the Peasant Communities and Volostes in 1891 (Vremennik, vol. 38). St. Petersburg, 1895.Google Scholar
  13. The Agriculture and Forestry (Selskoye i Lyesnoye Khozyaistvo)of Russia. Published by the Ministry of Agriculture, under V. I. Kovalevsky. St. Petersburg, 1893.Google Scholar
  14. The Crops of 1896 and 1897, by the Central Statistical Committee. St. Petersburg, 1897.Google Scholar
  15. Reports and Researches relative to the Village Industries, published by the Ministry of State Domains. St. Petersburg, 1892–95. 3 vols.Google Scholar
  16. Review of Data (Svod Dannykh)relative to the Manufactures of Russia in 1887–91, and for all subsequent years till 1894 by the Ministry of Finances. St. Petersburg, 1893–97.Google Scholar
  17. Review of the Exterior Trade (Obzor vnyeshnei Torgovli)for 1894, and Exterior Trade on the European Frontier in 1896, published by the Ministry of Finances. St. Petersburg, 1897.Google Scholar
  18. Prix des Marchandises sur les principaux Marchés de la Russie, pour les années 1890–96.Google Scholar
  19. St. Petersburg, 1897. Published by the Ministry of Finances.Google Scholar
  20. Statistical Annual (Vremennik) of Caucasus. Tiflis, 1895.Google Scholar
  21. Statistical Materials published by the Provincial Statistical CommitteesGoogle Scholar
  22. Statistics (Svod Statisticheskikh Svedeniy)relative to the judicial institutions in 1889, St. Petersburg, 1895.Google Scholar
  23. State’s Aid to Domestic and Petty Trades in 1888–98. Published by the Ministry of Agriculture. St. Petersburg, 1898.Google Scholar
  24. Yearly Report of the Caucasus Administration about the Schools in 1892. Tiflis, 1894.Google Scholar
  25. Official Messenger, periodical published by the Ministry of Interior.Google Scholar
  26. Vyestnik Finansof, periodical published by the Ministry of Finances.Google Scholar
  27. Sbomik of Materials for the Description of Caucasus and its Inhabitants. Tiflis, 22 parts; best one in 1897.Google Scholar
  28. Kaufmann (Dr.), Financial Statistics of Russia for 1862–84 published by the Central Statistical Committee. St. Petersburg, 1886.Google Scholar
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  30. The actual Income and Expenditure for 1886–95, in Off. Messenger and Vyestnik Finansof for 1895 and 1896.Google Scholar
  31. Statistical Reports (Sbornik)of the Ministry of Ways and Communicatioes vols. 41 and 42. (Transport of Goods on Railways in 1894 ; Rivers and Canals in 1893) St. Petersburg, 1896. (With maps.)Google Scholar
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  33. Report of the Prison Administration fcr 1893. St. Petersburg, 1895.Google Scholar
  34. A. Haspuan and Baron Nolcken, Law (Pologenie)of the New Organisation of Peasants’ Tribunals in the Baltic Proviuces, with a Summary of Motives. Published by Ministry of Justice. St. Petersburg. 8. 2 vols. 1889.Google Scholar
  35. Postal and Telegraph Statistics for 1893. St. Petersburg, 1896.Google Scholar
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  38. Annual of the Zemstvos for 1888 (Zemskiy Ejegodnik). St. Petersburg, 1890.Google Scholar
  39. Institutions of the Navy (Svod morskikh Postanovleniy), 18 volumes. St. Petersburg, 1888.Google Scholar
  40. History of the Ministry of Domains for the Fifty Years of its Existence. St. Petersburg, 1887.Google Scholar
  41. Orloff and Budagoff, Index of Manufactures in European Russia. 3rd edition. St. Petersburg, 1894.Google Scholar
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  52. Review (Obzor)of the Transcaspian Region in 1890. St. Petersburg, 1892.Google Scholar
  53. Review (Obzor) of the activity of the zemstvos concerning the Petty and Domestic Trades, 1865–97. Edited by the Ministry of Agriculture and Srate Domains. St. Petersburg, 1897.Google Scholar
  54. Siberia, a book of Reference, edited by the Emigration Committee of the Ministry of Interior. Part I. St. Petersburg. 1897.Google Scholar
  55. Maps of the Gold Mines of Siberia, and the Urals, with Descriptions. Edited by the Mining Department, 1897.Google Scholar
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  57. French, English, &c.Google Scholar
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2. Non-Official Publications

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