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Nicholas I., Petrovic Njegos, Hospodar of Montenegro, born September 13 (September 25), 1841; educated at Paris; proclaimed Hospodar of Montenegro, as successor of his uncle, Danilo I., August 13, 1860. Married, November 8, 1860, to Milena Pétrovna Vucoticova, born April 22, 1847, daughter of Peter Vucotic, senator, and commander of the lifeguard. Offspring of the union are five daughters and one son :—1. Zorka, born in 1864; 2. Militza, born in 1866; 3. Stana, born in 1867; 4. Sophia, born in 1868; 5. Marika, born in 1869; 6. Danilo Alexander, heir-apparent, born June 30, 1871; and Jelena, born in 1876.

Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Montenegro

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