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The constitution of the Eepublie of Liberia is on the model of that of the United States of America. The executive is vested in a president and a non-active vice-president, and the legislative power is exercised by a parliament of two houses, called the Senate and the House of Eepresentatives. The president and vice-president are elected for two years; the house of representatives also for two years, and the senate for four years. There are 13 members of the Lower House, and 8 of the Upper House; each county sending 2 members to the senate. It is provided that, on the increase of the population, each 10,000 persons will be entitled to an additional representative. Both the president and the vice-president must be thirty-five years of age, and have real property to the value of 600 dollars, or 120l. In case of the absence or death of the president, his post is filled by the vice-president. The latter is also President of the Senate, which, in addition to being one of the branches of the legislature, is a Council for the President of the Eepublie, he being required to submit treaties for ratification and appointments to public office for confirmation.

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