Governance as Political Engagement: Promoting Anti-Corruption Policies in Argentina

  • Pia Riggirozzi
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Anti-corruption has also been an important component of the normative framework of the IFIs. Since the mid- to late 1990s the IFIs devoted vast amount of funds to support new programmes oriented to achieve public sector accountability (Santiso 2006). As in the case of judicial reform, funding for anti-corruption became another milestone in the road to good governance and, in this case, the main understanding of it has been achieving fiscal credibility. Despite the wide-reaching and large-scale work carried out by the IFIs, there are a number of major critiques levelled against these institutions. Critics claim that the IFIs and the foreign aid in general have used anti-corruption as a tool to impose global standards of moral authority and thus punish governments in the developing world. Many of these critics have based their arguments on the fact that the IFIs have tended to focus on financial issues leaving un-addressed, for instance, the role of private contractors in the misuse of funds and delivery of goods and services. The same political constraints that held down the IFIs in their promotion of judicial reform have shaped their approach to anti-corruption. Nevertheless, as this chapter explores, grounding such an agenda in developing countries has brought new issues of implementation that affected the way IFIs’ staff linked with the local actors.


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