The Future of Engaged Knowledge Management

  • Kevin C. Desouza
  • Yukika Awazu


Thus far we have shown how knowledge management must be engaged with to get suitable results for investments in the effort. In doing so, we have outlined eight topics that call for a renewed effort to realign current knowledge management practices in order for an organization to be poised for success. We began by highlighting tensions when trying to exert centralized versus decentralized control over knowledge management programs. Following this, we highlighted the three missing capabilities that will need due attention as knowledge management programs advance. Next came the intricacies of four senior-level knowledge personnel, the need to pay attention to the concept of distributedness and its impacts on knowledge management, how to garner and leverage knowledge from external sources, how best to engage in the management of customer knowledge, and the intricacies of knowledge markets. Finally, we surveyed the design of knowledge management systems.


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  • Yukika Awazu
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