Letters to Oceania?

  • Ian Williams
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While Airstrip One is indeed quintessentially English,—not even British—in its setting and flavor, and it has a Soviet style political ethos mediated through that setting, it is clearly part of an Anglo-American polity which, perhaps if death had not been looming, Orwell would have drawn in a more intellectually satisfactory and coherent way. His correspondence with New York showed that he drew sustenance in more ways than just financial, but also intellectual stimulation about social and geopolitical developments, not least discussion of Utopias and dystopias. Orwell helped Macdonald to create a mode of discourse, a space in which Howe and others could flourish. Rooted and assured as they both were in their own societies, they could integrate their socialist visions with the real world about them. They could bring humanity, decency (that word again), and intellectual rigor, along with humor and practicality, to discuss politics.


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