AFRC/RUF Invasion of Freetown and the Lomé Peace Accord

  • Joseph Kaifala
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This chapter includes coverage of another invasion of Freetown by a combined Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) forces. President Kabbah had disbanded the military, and his only line of defense was ECOMOG peacekeepers. This chapter covers the Lomé Peace Accord (1999) between the RUF and the Government of Sierra Leone to end the war. It also discusses the deployment of UN peacekeepers and the withdrawal of ECOMOG forces. This chapter entails British military involvement in the Sierra Leone conflict. It discusses the unraveling of the Lomé Peace Accord and the various civil protests against RUF leader, Foday Sankoh, for the kidnapping of UN peacekeepers. It includes an analysis of the final armed confrontation in Freetown and the demise of Sankoh.


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