Trans-State-Border Subjectivities: International Violence and Immune Citizenship

  • Ileana Rodriguez
Part of the Comparative Feminist Studies book series (CFS)


In this chapter, I examine the case of Doris Ivania Jiménez, a woman who was raped and murdered on November 21, 2006, in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The men involved in the crime are Eric Stanley Volz, Julio Martín Chamorro López, alias Rosita, Armando Agustín Llanes Navarro, and Nelson Antonio López Danglas. Volz and Chamorro were found guilty of committing the crime; Llanes and Danglas were exonerated. In subsequent investigations and mediations, the intervention of a North American law firm and of a former member of the CIA under investigation by the Italian police, Volz was absolved. He left the country by way of a specially charted helicopter after being in prison for some time.


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