Dobrica Ćosić and Josip Broz Tito—A Political and Intellectual Relationship

  • Latinka Perović


This article is an analysis of the political and intellectual relationship of Dobrica Ćosić—a member of the political underground, a partisan, one of the participants in the revolutionary government establishment procedure, a writer, a national ideologist, the president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia—to Josip Broz Tito—a Communist leader, the commander-in-chief of the national-liberation army in the anti-fascist war, an opponent of Josif Visarionovič Stalin, a statesman, the life-long president of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Even though this relationship lasted half a century and went through different phases, its boundaries can be precisely measured. At the same time, careful research discovers a missing link that connects these phases into a politically and ideologically complex entity.


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