NATO’s Peace Support Interventions in the Balkans Since 1995 (Phase 2 Kosovo)



In this chapter, Mulchinock charts the evolution of the ongoing KFOR operation in Kosovo. At the outset, he looks at the reasons why the initial post-conflict political situation in Kosovo in 1999 was intrinsically different to Bosnia in 1995. Did KFOR respond adequately to acts of violence committed against minority populations? Within this area, he investigates the reaction of KFOR to episodes of ethnic strife in the tense town of Mitrovica in 2000 and 2004. NATO’s role in the demobilisation of the Kosovo Liberation Army is also addressed. In what ways did the allegiances that were forged between NATO and the KLA during the conflict in Kosovo influence this particular policy? In the concluding section, he looks at NATO’s duties in Kosovo since independence in 2008.


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