• Stephen T. Schroth
  • Jason A. Helfer


Once through with student teaching, diverse teacher candidates find it quite easy to join the profession. Schroth and Helfer explain how school districts hired these individuals, and indeed sought access to them even before the student teaching experience was completed. Because of the continuum of services offered by the REACH program, diverse teacher candidates see themselves as having a calling to assist and mentor children. Because of supports and structures, the REACH fellows were very strong teachers, even if they had been weak students when entering the program. This transformation resulted in jobs upon graduation, and filled their desire to make a difference, belong to something greater than themselves, and to have formed a learning community that assists them and others.

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  • Stephen T. Schroth
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  • Jason A. Helfer
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  1. 1.Early Childhood Education DepartmentTowson UniversityTowsonUSA
  2. 2.Illinois State Board of EducationSpringfieldUSA

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