Common Approach

  • Stephen T. Schroth
  • Jason A. Helfer


Teacher education programs work so teacher candidates have adequate content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and hands-on experience working with children before they begin their student teaching experience. Schroth and Helfer explore how many diverse learners, who come from schools that faced many non-academic problems, face holes that exist in their background knowledge. These require additional coursework taught by arts and sciences faculty, not in the education school. A deep understanding of child development is also necessary. Teacher candidates need several research-based instructional strategies that they can use in the classroom. Diverse pre-service teachers need opportunities to work with children early and often, so that they can discover whether the career is a viable option for them and to identify areas where they potentially struggle so that they can get additional support if necessary.

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  • Stephen T. Schroth
    • 1
  • Jason A. Helfer
    • 2
  1. 1.Early Childhood Education DepartmentTowson UniversityTowsonUSA
  2. 2.Illinois State Board of EducationSpringfieldUSA

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