A Fascinating and Precarious Project: Sociology in Trento

  • Andrea Cossu
  • Matteo BortoliniEmail author
Part of the Sociology Transformed book series (SOTR)


This chapter considers the creation of the first academic institution granting accredited degrees in sociology as a case study in the institutionalization of sociology in Italy. The Istituto Universitario Superiore di Scienze Sociali was established in Trento in 1962 thanks to the visionary drive of Christian Democratic politician Bruno Kessler . The process involved local and nationwide networks of politicians and social scientists, the elaboration of innovative scholarly and educational programs, and continued quarrels about the influence of scholars from disciplines other than sociology. Trento quickly became one of the hotbeds of student revolts, with different waves of protest and occupation peaking in 1966–1968 and the emergence of a newer generation of sociologists who forcefully contested scholarly and academic conventions in the early 1970s.


Trento Bruno Kessler Modernization Student protests 1968 Francesco Alberoni 


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