Statehood Alternatives: Plurinational, Sectional, and Multinational Regionalisms Compared

Part of the Comparative Territorial Politics book series (COMPTPOL)


This final chapter analyses the differences between plurinational, multinational, and sectional regionalisms. The analysis shows that history, intergroup relations, and economic factors do not determine the outcomes of regional mobilization but condition it to a large extent. For example, partly due to the lack of a truly regionalist historiography, Vojvodinian regionalism was tilted towards a multinational rather than a plurinational variant. The comparison also shows the importance of support for the regionalist project by the dominant minority. Apart from focusing on the cases, Stjepanović suggests potential future studies and directions where this research could be taken. He also engages with the literature and identifies where the concepts of plurinational, sectional, and multinational regionalisms can add to our understanding of territorial politics and nationalism.


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