The Palgrave Pivot Project is based on my Postdoctoral India-France Collaborative Exchange Fellowship of the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), India (2013), and FMSH (France), which focuses on the macroeconomic aspects of aging and retirement of college and university teachers in France and India. This emerging field is of topical importance in general human development parlance, as well as in the specific educational context of India and France for several reasons. It is also of relevance for demographers and sociologists for mapping trends in aging that are important not only for mature developed economies with burgeoning aged population, but also for young nations like India that has started witnessing increasing longevity and life expectancy. At the outset, we need to understand the concepts of work and retirement, as well as the transition between them. By work, we mean paid employment of a worker who is self-employed or employed by others. This automatically...

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