Elicitive Conflict Mapping (ECM)

  • Wolfgang Dietrich
Part of the Many Peaces book series (MAPE)


The core chapter of this book derives Elicitive Conflict Mapping (ECM) from Transrational Peace Philosophy. It presents and explains ECM’s three principles: Correspondence, Resonance and Homeostasis. From there it invites the reader for a journey through the themes, layers and levels of Elicitive Conflict Transformation. On this basis ECM is introduced into the field of peace and conflict studies as a new tool and method. It is shown how this tool can be useful for different groups of people within the field of conflict work: for an individual peace worker’s balance, the homeostasis of exposed conflict worker teams and of course for applied communication and work with the parties involved in conflicts—from the grassroots to the leaders.

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  1. 1.UNESCO Chair for Peace StudiesInnsbruck, TyrolAustria

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