Sex, Pleasure, Guilt, and Divorce

  • Peter Kuch


Depicted as eventually walking out on the “Sirens,” Bloom now faces the risk of being ridiculed as a cuckold and devoured by opinionated talk about justice and the law. Having arrived at the Ormond as “Bloowho,” he must meet the challenge of being stigmatized as ομτις (no one) by employing μετις (craft, cunning) to ensure that he is not με τις (just anyone). He survives, because he has a better understanding of the law than has been recognized to date, despite the ineffectiveness of his intermittent performances as defendant, counsel for prosecution, and counsel for defense. As indicative of the melee of discourses that characterize the episode’s multiperspectivity, Ben Bloom Elijah is finally whisked aloft like Medea.


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