Emotions, Imagination and Surgery: Wounded Warriors in the Work of Ambroise Paré and Johan van Beverwijck

  • Bettina Noak
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As Noak shows, the awareness of the power of passions and imagination in the bodily system and their influence on the process of healing played an important role in the work of early modern surgeons. This challenges the impression that battlefield emotions were a less important item in early modern times. Noak uses the ideas of Ambroise Paré (1510–1590) about the impact of passions on the conditions of the patients as a starting point. Like the Hippocratic writers and Galen, he was convinced about the strong relationship between physical and mental health. The author uses Paré’s ideas to contextualise the ideas of Johan van Beverwijck (1594–1647), a Dutch physician, who was, as so many others, influenced by Paré. Van Beverwijck sees a strong relationship between the science of medicine and military theory and he even links military medicine with the belief in the force of spiritual powers.


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