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Links Between Grandfather Involvement and Adolescent Well-Being in England and Wales

  • Jo-Pei TanEmail author
  • Ann Buchanan
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This chapter draws on an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) study which used a representative sample of over 1500 young people (aged 11 to 16) who completed a questionnaire on their relationship with their grandparents. In addition, thirty young people were also interviewed in depth. The original study did not explore the association between grandfather involvement per se and adolescent well-being. For this chapter, the statistical data were reanalysed in 2014 to assess whether there were links, independent of grandmothers, of significant associations between grandfather involvement and child well-being.

The findings here show that, although grandmothers were more involved with grandchildren, many grandfathers played an important, yet different, role in their grandchildren’s lives, and this involvement, independent of grandmothers, was associated with child well-being.


Grandfather involvement Adolescent well-being England and Wales 


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