Tories, Television and Professionalization 1962–64

  • Anthony Ridge-Newman
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Chapter 7 explores the impact of transformation on the Conservative Party. It argues the party changed from being characterized by its mass party culture to a centralized structure in which an elite and professionalized party centre developed a television centric operation. Firstly, it analyses the Selwyn Lloyd report, which offers insider perspectives about how ordinary members were feeling disenfranchised by the early 1960s. The chapter also provides a snapshot of the more centralized image of the party under the leadership of Douglas-Home, 1963–64. It concludes that Douglas-Home’s Conservatives’ relationship with television is characterized by the marked change in, firstly, the tightened control that a newly strengthened Central Office team of experts held over the party’s television operations and facilities, and, secondly, the relatively diminished role and place of the ordinary membership at the grassroots.


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