St. Kitts and Montserrat

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Chapter 7 introduces St. Kitts before offering insight into the challenges of PAWI religious leaders attempting to enforce institutional control over a Charismatic church that defected from its stronghold. The religious leader must unevenly negotiate between congregational freedom and pastoral authority, or risk losing legitimacy. Another look at Charismatic leaders show how their struggles help facilitate supernatural gifts that leads to a tragic scene of a miraculous healing attempt highlighting how Pentecostal leaders understand worldly and otherworldly diseases. The section on Montserrat provides analysis on the origins of the Pentecostal movement in the Caribbean leading to a discussion on Pentecostalism and the social issues they need to address in order to remain relevant, including gender equality. The section ends with insights on the emerging leaders of the Charismatic movement and its ideas for the future.


History of Caribbean Charismatic movement Pentecostalism in Montserrat Gender equality in Pentecostalism Congregational freedom versus pastoral authority Supernatural gifts and healing Worldly and otherworldly diseases New religious leaders 

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